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President - Lena Wulfken

Area of Activity/Projects

BEE stands for „Board Management, External Relations, Expansion” as official and incisive description of the tasks of a president of ELSA.

Board Management

The President acts like an “engine” and is the strategic coordinator of the Association. He has to be able to motivate its members and board constantly and should be informed about the different tasks of his board, all in common agreement with his fellow board colleagues.

External Relations

One of the main tasks of a President is taking care of external contacts. The President represents the association externally and it is his job to advertise ELSA to the public. He represents ELSA on official or festive occasions and is in this respect the highest representative figure of his board.


In addition, the Presidents takes care of the acquisition of new members.


E-Mail: president@elsa-giessen.de

Telephone: +49 641 9921426 

Telefax: +49 641 9921428 

Member of ELSA since



  • 04/2015 till 08/2015: Director for Seminars & Conferences

  • 08/2015 till 08/2016: VP for Seminars & Conferences 

  • since 08/2016: President

Visited national and international Meetings and Seminars

  • 06/2015: 55. National Council Meeting (NCM) of ELSA-Deutschland e.V. in Passau

  • 06/2015: 56. National Council Meeting (NCM) of ELSA-Deutschland e.V. in Heidelberg