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Secretary General - Vanessa Geserick

Area of Activity

The field of responsibility of the Secretary General of ELSA is often abbreviated with the letters „IM“ for Internal Management. While that is admittedly the largest part of the Secretary General's activity, there is a lot more hidden beneath, such as the preparation and the revision of national and international meetings, the coordination of the work of the board, the local groups and the alumni association EAD. Also, administrative work and legal issues regarding the organization are his fields of responsibility.


E-Mail: secgen@elsa-giessen.de

Telephone: +49 641 9921426

Telefax: +49 641 9921428

Member of ELSA since



  • 08/2014 till 03/2015: Director for Fresher

  • 03/2015 till 07/2015: VP for Seminars & Conferences

Visited national and international Meetings and Seminars

  • 11/2014: National Officers' Meeting in Münster

  • 01/2015: 54. National Council Meeting of ELSA-Deutschland e.V. in Osnabrück

  • 06/2015: 55. National Council Meeting (NCM) of ELSA Germany in Passau