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International Laws of Combat

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Mehrtägiges Seminar zum Thema „International Law of Combat“

Within a period of four consecutive days the participants get the opportunity to attend lectures, podium discussions and debates, held by professors and specialists as well as politicians, and critically question and discuss the targeted topic.

The Seminar is international and because of that will be held in English.

Here is an outlook on the Academic Programme:

Day 1: Opening Speech by Prof. Thilo Marauhn, Professor for Public and International Law, University Giessen.

Day 2: "Rules of Engagement in multinational crisis response operations", "The crime of Aggression- international and German Law Limits on the Use of Force" and "The Use of US military bases in Germany".

Day 3: "Supporting missions of Peshmerga and the Anti-IS flight operations" and "Self-Defense against non-state actors".

Day 4: "Attacks on hospitals of Doctors Without Borders-Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria".

You will find more information on the website of the seminar.