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Legal Research Groups

A Legal Research Group (LRG) brings together law students from all over Europe or a single country in a group of 2-5 people to research a legal topic and write a scientific essay. The aim of a Legal Research Group is to publish the results. They are supported by a professor for academic purposes.

Since 2012, ELSA-Deutschland e.V. has had the opportunity, in cooperation with the German Lawyers' Congress, to set up Legal Research Groups every two years on the topics of the individual departments, which are allowed to present their results at the corresponding symposium of the German Lawyers' Congress.

In addition, there is an annual Legal Research Group of ELSA International in cooperation with the Council of Europe. In order to create a reference book, students from all over Europe research the current legal situation in a certain field of law in their country. The results of the Legal Research Group on "Migration Law" can be found here.