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EDVMC - ELSA Germany Administrative Law Moot Court

ELSA has recently expanded its event portfolio with a project in public law. In 2017 the ELSA Germany Administrative Law Moot Court (EDVMC) took place for the first time.

As a participant, students in teams of two have the opportunity to experience a simulated court hearing in administrative law and thus gain a practical insight into this field of work.

After the case has been published, the teams have 18 days (without Sundays and public holidays) for the preparation of the statement of claim. After this, each team will be assigned a statement of claim of another team. Then, the teams have again a processing time of 18 days to write the matching statement of defence. Subsequently, the written submissions are corrected by independent proofreaders on the basis of a given evaluation sheet. Finally, the four best-placed teams will have the unique opportunity to plead the case in front of real judges at the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig.

The EDVMC is organized by the National Board of ELSA Germany and takes place only at the national level. The entire duration of the written submissions extends over about six weeks and is therefore compatible with the studies at the university in comparison with other Moot Courts. For the participation in the EDVMC a solid basic knowledge is recommended in the field of administrative law, the participation is open to every law student.