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EDMC - ELSA Germany Moot Court

The ELSA Germany Moot Court (EDMC) is the largest Moot Court on German Civil law. It was established in 1994 and therefore comes with a long-standing tradition. The EDMC is a three-level competition with local, regional and national rounds. The final national hearing is held at the German Federal Court in Karlsruhe, where the finalists have the unique opportunity to present their case in front of the real Federal Court Judges and Lawyers.

The advantage of the EDMC is that the language of the Moot Court Competition is German. Furthermore, the case is based on German cvil law, which means that 2nd and 3rd Semester students can participate. We advice that students have completed their intermediate examination in civil law in order to have acquired some basic knowledge in civil law.

The EDMC is divided into three levels - local rounds, regional rounds and the final round. The German ELSA Local Groups organize the local rounds annually. They take place over the period of about 5 weeks and take place during the winter semester, mostly between October and February. The two regional rounds (north and south) normally take place in May of the following year. All winners of the various local rounds will compete against one another. The final round takes place in July within the halls of the German Federal Court in Karlsruhe. The winners of the regional rounds will compete against each other in one final hearing.