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STEP for You

STEP is our internship program, the so-called Student Trainee Exchange Program. It is a program that offers both interns and you many advantages.

The internship program organized by ELSA offers you the opportunity to employ qualified and highly motivated interns with an international background. A good opportunity to further promote internationality or to take a first step in this direction or to bring variety into the working environment. At the same time you can set yourself apart from other employers. You have access to committed, qualified and highly motivated students, legal trainees and young lawyers from 43 different countries throughout Europe.

The STEP programme is wide-ranging and is aimed at almost everyone: law firms, courts, public institutions, authorities, banks, legal departments, consulting firms or international organisations. In principle, STEP positions can always be offered if the trainee is able to carry out work tasks with, among other things, legal references. If this is the case with you, you as the employer fit exactly into our internship program.

With the help of a simple form you can create your own personal requirements profile. In addition to specific language and legal knowledge as well as the level of training, you can also flexibly determine the duration and period of the internship. Thus, a project-oriented work over a few weeks is just as possible as a longer-term internship with a duration of up to 2 years.

The form will be made available to you by us. Do not hesitate to contact us at!

Whether you are looking for an intern with special knowledge of English commercial law or a student who is able to translate legal texts from Slovak into German: STEP is your key to success.

Your advantages

Participating in STEP is a very easy and effective way for you to employ a young foreign lawyer and to facilitate a mutual intercultural exchange. Before and during the entire internship, we relieve you by helping the trainee to obtain the necessary work permit, accommodation and, if necessary, a visa.

Your advantages are many and varied - be it in client care by reducing language barriers, be it in the support of larger projects with a foreign dimension or also in assessing whether a mandate is worthwhile against the background of the foreign law involved in this case. This is only a small list of what is possible. The actual benefit is determined by yourself by deciding which tasks you entrust to the trainee.

Last but not least, you have the possibility of a free presentation on the Europe-wide STEP homepage of ELSA International. Since ELSA has more than 45,000 members in 43 different countries and the STEP homepage with the corresponding job advertisements is also visited by alumni and non-members, the range of this positive marketing is enormous. Social media is also used to advertise STEP and the corresponding STEP internships.

There are no costs for you to use our program. However, the program is designed to offer paid internships. The amount of the remuneration is determined by you. However, it should cover the cost of living in order to enable every student and young lawyer - regardless of their financial situation or origin - to do an internship abroad.

You also have the flexibility and opportunity to offer tailor-made internships. Any ELSA member from abroad can apply for the advertised positions. These applications are checked on site by our responsible persons with regard to the qualifications stated in the application and forwarded to ELSA International. If you wish, a pre-selection can be made here according to your specifications.

From the applications sent to you afterwards, you can choose the interns you would like to do. If you are not sure, you can request proof of qualification, arrange a telephone interview or ask for further information. The decision is always in your hands and you have the last word.

How do I advertise a STEP position?

Only a few steps are required to advertise a STEP position. If you express an interest, we will send you an email with a job offer form, which you fill out and return to us. Your position will then be published on the STEP homepage.