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STEP for you

STEP is aimed at law students and young lawyers and offers many advantages over conventional internship programs. Experience with us the view over the edge of the plate!

Why an internship with STEP?

With STEP, you have the unique opportunity to complete an internship abroad and to take on legal tasks. The internships are study-related on the one hand, but on the other hand open up completely new international perspectives for you. In addition, STEP internships are usually paid. In principle, this is a payment that can cover the cost of living of the respective location. Participation in STEP is completely free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs have to be paid by yourself.


In addition, you will be accompanied by ELSA from your application until the end of your internship. The ELSA-Giessen e.V. team will be happy to help and advise you with your application. Once you are in a foreign country, the ELSA team of the place where you are doing your internship will welcome you. It will help you find a place to live, invite you to ELSA events, show you the city, etc. So you have the chance to get to know the culture and the country and you are not alone.

Your application

The requirements for internships vary, as each employer can determine the requirements for interns themselves. Therefore you will find an enormous variety of different positions. Simply visit to find out about the requirements your internship requires in terms of study level, language skills and legal knowledge!

Every STEP applicant must be an ELSA member. If you are not yet an ELSA member, but would like to become one, please contact us at

You must fill in your application truthfully. For the language and legal knowledge that you state in your application, you will be asked to provide proof of this.


The procedure: How do I apply for a STEP internship?

1st STEP

Find out about currently available internships at If there are currently no vacancies, the application deadline has already expired. However, as new vacancies are published twice a year, it is not long before the application deadline for the new internships starts! Simply go to and find out about all current deadlines.

2nd STEP

Choose your internship of choice from all the jobs on offer. You can apply for up to three internships at the same time. There is no placement fee. You must fill in your application truthfully. This will be checked by our ELSA team on site. Please contact us at before sending your application.

Each individual job advertisement on has a link called "Click here to apply now". If you click on this link, you will be taken to the online application form. If you want to start with the application, there are now two possibilities:

  1. You make an appointment with us by e-mail and we will fill out your application together. Here you should at least prepare your CV and letter of motivation! Remember to bring the necessary certificates to prove your legal and language skills. Because the information you give in your application must be checked by us!
  2. You formulate all the necessary information at your leisure and send it in a Libre/OpenOffice or Word document to us at before sending the application to We will check your application in advance and discuss any changes with you. An agreement must take place absolutely! Formal mistakes in your application can lead to your application being rejected. This can be avoided with this step.
3rd STEP

After the application deadline for an internship has expired, the so-called "Matching Process" follows, during which a preliminary selection may be made. If you are selected for an internship by one of the employers, you can confirm the position by completing the Traineeship Confirmation Form (TCF). This will be sent to you by e-mail. Since this process takes a little time for each individual position, it should be noted that in practice, confirmations are always sent earlier than cancellations. Approximately one month after the application deadline, the Selection Results will also be published on Please be a little patient and ask us from time to time at what the results look like. The e-mails with a cancellation will only be sent when all interns have been confirmed.