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Study Visits

Study visits are visits that are marked by academic and cultural exchange between ELSA groups and partner organisations such as ALSA, DLSA or ILSA.

Through these visits we would like to express our vision "A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity".

These visits can take place in different variations:

  • Unilateral Study Visit: One ELSA group visits another, but does not receive a return visit.
  • Bilateral Study Visit: Two ELSA groups visit each other.
  • Multilateral Study Visit: Several groups visit one group or each other.

Study visits offer the possibility of intercultural exchange and insight into another legal matter and are therefore one of the core elements of ELSA's work.

Institutional Visits

Institutional visits are visits to a governmental or non-governmental organisation, a public administration body or a private institution. It can take you to federal institutions at the national level (such as the Federal Supreme Court, the Federal Constitutional Court or the German Bundestag) or to international organisations at the international level. Depending on whether the visited organisation is on site or if you have to make a short trip, an Institutional Visit can last a few hours or even a whole week (e.g. if you visit different international institutions during a European trip). Institutional visits give a wonderful insight into public service.